Lisa Evans

You will find her in the APOTHECARY, ready to guide you in finding your perfect skincare regimen, self-care ritual or a special gift for yourself or others!

Lisa is a Catholic Caymanian and has always been very religious from childhood. Prayer was a way for her to meditate and feel connected to the higher power and channel the energies around her.

She always felt something was missing in her spirituality, and in recent years she discovered the healing power of crystals and the importance of balancing chakras and has since been on a journey of self improvement thru body, mind, and spirit.

She has over 5 years experience as a makeup artist, and she tries to share positive energy thru her clients to make each session feel like a healing experience.

She has a passion for skincare and helping others discover the perfect regimen for their skin concerns.

In her spare time she loves expressing herself through her artwork and meditating with her crystals and high frequency instruments such as bells and singing bowls.