Melissa Quinn

As a child, she was able to see things and know things that often came to fruition. Melissa was born “en caul”, which for centuries and among Ancient Civilizations has been the first sign of innate intuition, her parents welcomed and nurtured Melissa’s gifts. Because of this, she was raised in an environment that allowed her to become who she was meant to be, free of judgment. Her journey has been one of free spiritedness, consciously allowing herself to be available for life instead of trying to control it.

For her, One Heart is a DREAM COME TRUE. Something that she believes is her SOUL’S PURPOSE and the reason why her entire life has unfolded exactly as it has! Melissa believes that ALL THE EXPERIENCES and OPPORTUNITIES in her life are the results of MANIFESTING with LOVE and LIGHT in her HEART! She lives her life everyday in AWE and in GRATITUDE for all of her blessings! She believes that “what we think, we become, what we give energy to, grows!”.

You can expect Melissa’s Power Practices to be a TOTAL VIBE! While, her Deep Flow Practices will have you turning within, finding yourself, letting go and becoming open to receive all of life’s DIVINE offerings!

Lauren Trimm

Much like her Fire sign Lauren is filled with energy, movement and motivation. Her love for Yoga and Wellness runs HOT and trust us - so will her classes. Lauren's classes are inspired by a decade of eclectic experiences and diverse trainings. Her classes range from calm and contemplative to energetic and challenging. Lauren has a style that is playful and a sense of humour that encourages her students to grow in a fun, non-competitive way.

Lauren moved to Cayman 3 years ago and has no plan on leaving any time soon. Don't get her wrong - coming from Canada she misses the seasons, mountains, forests, etc. - BUT she'd say the beaches, sun and ocean are a pretty fair trade - not to mention the amazing people and diversity in cultures this island provides.

You're sure to see Lauren's optimistic, freedom-loving personality out and about in Cayman! However, her favourite place to be is on her mat!

Her yoga classes will STRENGTHEN YOU, LENGTHEN YOU and make you SMILE.

Watch our socials OR get on our mailing list to join Lauren’s upcoming NUTRITIONAL and GUT HEALTH workshops!

Miranda Morris

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Miranda moved to Cayman in January 2020, fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a fitness professional somewhere tropical.

Having discovered the importance of health/ wellness in her early teens, Miranda’s life became enriched with the practice of yoga. Quickly into her journey, she was awakened to the mental and emotional benefits of yoga, beyond the physical practice.

Having begun her teaching career heavily focused on power yoga, she has learned the beauty in slowing down. While holding an intense pose a little longer than you would like, you will hear her say “find comfort within the discomfort.” Trusting that you can take this theme off of the mat and apply it to your everyday life.

Miranda’s personal practice is mostly a restorative one and the more props, the better!

When she is not on the mat, you can find Miranda sitting in the sunshine, drinking green juice, and scrolling Pinterest. If there is a stray paddle board nearby, chances are Miranda will find a way to get it in the water and practice her favorite yogi shapes. Despite her daytime habits of being in the bright sun, once inside she enjoys a quiet, clean and candle lit home.

Powered by plants, Miranda loves sharing with her friends/ family delicious vegan meals that she whips up daily!

Claudia Stewart

Claudia started her journey to yoga seven years ago, as recommended by her chiropractor due to lower back pain complications. In search of her ideal practice, she became inspired by Baptiste Power Yoga. It was quite challenging in the beginning but she never gave up. She started practicing daily under her teacher Mark Jansen who inspired her to LEVEL UP HER PERSONAL PRACTICE. It didn’t take her long to realize yoga was something that would be a part of her life in a big way. It was then that she decided I wanted to become a Baptiste Teacher. In 2016, Claudia participated in courses with Baron Baptiste in Arizona and the Art of Assisting in Boston in 2018.

Claudia stepped on her mat as a Yoga Teacher in 2018. She loves where the path and experience lead her. She is grateful to the amazing yogis from our community in Grand Cayman and visitors from around the globe that she has shared breath with.

Claudia is passionate about nature. She loves animals; mostly birds. She owns a 24 year old umbrella cockatoo which goes by the name of Cheetah. Claudia spends her free time cooking, reading, and of course, practicing yoga.

Claudia was born in Nicaragua and moved to Grand Cayman 15 years ago. She cherishes the time she spends at home with her family and on her days off she enjoys going to the beach early in morning to catch the morning SUN with coffee in hand and quick, cleansing dip in the ocean.

Claudia’s classes are powerful, playful, and loaded with a lots of fun.

Join her on the mat to stretch, sweat and laugh. When class is completed you will leave the studio with a big smile on your face waiting for the next session!


Mark Jansen

Why Yoga?

When I first asked myself that question in the 90s the answer was that I wanted to rehab from injuries I received participating in the sport of triathlon . The more I practiced I discovered that yoga made me happy. I appreciated things more. I appreciated those around me more. I discovered that everything you need to be happy, is right inside of you already. You just need to allow yourself to see it, to feel it, to experience it. Yoga allows that to happen. Yoga enables that to happen. Becoming a yoga teacher has enabled me to share that experience with others. My teacher training has been with Baron Baptiste, founder of the Baptiste Institute. I have also completed trainings with Cameron Shayne of Budokon Yoga. I currently live in East End, Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands where I am permitted to share space with three cats - as long as I feed them. They watch me kiteboard.

Please join me in practice where we can explore some happiness!