Deep Detox Kit- Cleanse + Realign


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Anima Mundi Deep Detox Kit- Cleanse + Realign Includes: Chanca Piedra, Mangosteen Hibiscus, Viridem Elixir 4 oz., Curam Elixir 4 oz, Liver Vitality, Amargo Digestive Bitters, Pau D’ Arco

Body and Mind Herbal Cleanse

Cleanse, Reprogram + Align

This cleansing kit is composed of traditionally detoxifying, nourishing, mineralizing and therapeutic herbs known to target many organ systems, yet specifically focus on the liver, gallbladder and gut. These herbs can help boost the metabolism and assist in the removal of stagnation and toxic accumulation.

Cleansing and detox dates back to ancient times. The healing benefits of restricting certain dietary patterns, and adding cleansing superfoods is something that all ancient cultures practiced one way or another. Whether it was for spiritual/religious reasons, or to simply prevent dis-eases, cleansing regimes have been a natural part of human evolution.

There is nothing more satisfactory and powerful than accomplishing a hard cleanse. Cleanses can help deprogram cravings, over-accumulation and even mental patterning that needs weeding out. At Anima Mundi we recommend cleansing several times a year. This makes it an easier habit to adopt, and optimizes higher level body-mind functioning and prevention.

Our Deep Detox Kit Contains:

6oz Chanca Piedra Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanser

6oz Mangosteen Hibiscus Beauty Superfood

4 fl. oz Viridem Elixir Green Detoxifier

4fl oz Curam Elixir Anti-inflammatory Beauty

8oz Liver Vitality Daily Greens

2fl oz Amargo Digestive Bitter Tonic

6oz Pau D’ Arco Anti-Candidal + Immunity

A multi-organ renewal cleanse box:

Chanca Piedra will be your Gallbladder and Liver assistant. The Mangosteen Hibiscus will assist as a powerful antioxidant and blood purification, adding the beautifying aspects, like boosting natural collagen production and clearing the skin. Our Curam Elixir may be your beautifying source plus anti-oxidant powerhouses. The Viridem and Amargo can act as your gut cleansers and powerful detoxifiers. The Pau D’Arco can remove candidal overgrowth, while also acting as a powerful immune protector.

Organic + Wildcrafted Herbs

All Packaged with love and care in a  Vegan and Gluten Free facility in Brooklyn.  No genetically engineered herbs were used in the process.

Our kits are packed with eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about feeling good!

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