Manduka Mats PRO Solid 71 inch Verve


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The #1 mat recommended by teachers worldwide, built to last a lifetime.

Ultra-dense cushioning provides superior support, stability and joint protection.

Closed-cell material seals out moisture and bacteria. Easy to disinfect and clean.

Meticulously crafted in Germany. OEKO-TEX®️ certified.

Pro Tip: Pair with one of our performance towels to increase grip in sweaty sessions.

Standard Length Mat: 6mm thick; 71” x 26”; 7.5lbs
Made from PVC that has been certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️
High-density cushion for unparalleled ride, joint protection, and comfort on any surface
A proprietary dot pattern holds the mat in place on the floor
Textured top layer allows you to flow between postures without sticking to the mat
100% latex-free
Each mat is handmade so may vary slightly in length

To Store: Roll Manduka PRO mats with the top side facing outwards. This keeps the corners of the mat flat when practicing.

To Break In: The grip of the Manduka PRO mat improves with use. The best way to break in your mat is practice, practice, practice. If you find yourself slipping initially, use one of our performance yoga towels on the surface of the mat. Lightly spray towel to aid grip.

To Clean: To keep your mat clean and smelling fresh, use our yoga mat wash & refresh. To disinfect, use our disinfecting mat cleaner. Note: other cleaning solutions are not tested or recommended.

Oeko-TexOur PRO series mats are manufactured using a process that ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere. The PRO Series is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ (12.HUS.17706 | Hohenstein HTTI) to keep you and your family safe from harmful substances.

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