Empress Incense Burner


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Beautiful EMPRESS incense burner is the perfect Ritual tool for burning sage, Incense or herbs. Looks absolutely stunning in a goddess altar, with beautiful golden floral details. Perfect for cleansing in goddess gatherings or sacred space.

Perfect for Smudging Rituals to cleanse sacred spaces, also burning magical incense blends.

Perfect to use in cleansing or money rituals. BRASS has the powerful energy of protection, healing and attracting money.

Call in Universal Power and Manifestation Energy as you do your Rituals

Place loose leaf sage or herbal incense in bowl, light Sage blow out flame, close lid and let the white smoke purify your sacred space. Place bowl on a heat-safe area or altar. Meditate and invoke love and light affirmations, cleansing away negative energies. Open windows to release smoke, Then distinguish Smudge, let dry out.

Approximately 3 inches width & height

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