Palo Santo Sage Bundle


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This purifying wood comes from a sacred mystical tree. Apart of the citrus family with aromatic notes of lemon, mint, and pine.

This healing wood can be used like Sage to cleanse, purify and energetically heal areas or self. Palo Santos’s aromatic citrus scent is uplifting and great for raising vibrations of energy during meditations or magic work. SELENITE: is a meditation Crystal, associated with the moon and her energy.

All Bundles are hand wrapped in a ritual ceremony blessed with love and light energy.

“I Invoke the Divine Spirit of light to cleanse my sacred space, remove lower energies and bring in healing, love, light, abundance, protection and positive energy”

Meditate, lite the tip of the Palo Santo stick. Gently blow out the flame. Use shell or dish to catch the ashes. Open windows to release smoke. When finished extinguish with sand or water. Let white smoke purify your sacred space and aura.

lncludes: 6 Palo Santo Sticks, Sage, Flowers attached with a Selenite mini wand.

Uses: light palo santo stick for about 30 sec or longer then blow out flame, use the smoke to cleanse your area. Always use a heat safe dish.

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