Prosperity Ritual Kit Box


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Prosperity will attract money flow, success, luck, abundance, love, and wealth for yourself or your business. This Ritual kit includes everything for a powerful Prosperity Ritual to bring in those beautiful prosperous vibes! Allow your vibration to be open to receiving. Unblock from lack and tune into abundance, there is more than enough for everyone.

Spell Ritual kit includes:

• Prosperity Herbal Incense

• Brass Incense Burner

• Money Flow Ritual Oil

• Reiki Charged money candle

•Pyrite Stone

• Green Aventurine Stone

• Citrine Crystal

• Charcoal Disks

• Sacred Fire Matches

• Ritual Affirmation spell card


Healing comes from within, To fully step into Prosperity, you must heal the lack mentality and open up to abundance to fully awaken and align yourself to manifest more money flow. Money is energy, abundance is never-ending, fill your cup.


All Ritual Kits are handcrafted in a Ritual Ceremony, blessed with love and light.


As you create a sacred space to perform the Ritual,

Invoke your inner light, higher self and the divine to guide you.

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