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Your skin is hydrophobic, meaning that water can dry it out; but, your skin is also lipophilic, which means that it absorbs oil. There are not many things that can make it through the epidermis to the actual dermis of your skin, but essential oils do, which is amazing because they are also a great bio available nourishment!

At Pranic Forest, we have two cleansing oils, both of which are incredible for facial cleansing, body adornment, or even added to a bath.

Viridis oil contains comfrey, which is grown by Amanda, our master herbalist, and is then broken down into an oil. Comfrey contains a large amount of allantoin, which makes your skin produce more rapid cells and heal itself. It also contains essential oils that really clear out pores, including mint, which is super cooling to the skin. 

Ingredients: virgin apricot kernel oil, camellia seed oil (green tea seed oil), coconut oil, comfrey, and essential oils of cypress, hinoki, eucalyptus radiata, peppermint, Himalayan Cedarwood, and sweet orange, and yarrow

How to use:
**if you are highly sensitive, avoid the eye area

Pour a small amount of oil onto palms and work onto face and neck, cleansing the skin and removing makeup. Once cleansing is complete, take a soft cloth with hot water and begin to wipe the oil clean. It's very important to use a cloth with this method, as just splashing water alone on the skin will not remove the oil. 

Follow up with Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and then your Facial Oil. 

Comes in a 4-ounce frosted glass dropper bottle.

All of our products are free from animal fats, synthetics, parabens, plastics, and chemical preservatives, petrol chemical-free and cruelty-free.